About us

YORD is creative AR | VR | MR studio that leads businesses into immersive reality. 

From VR ready showrooms to Real estate world. Thanks to our profound knowledge in 3D the sky is the limit. We mostly develop for Oculus Quest. 

Augmented reality represents our main focus of the last mount. We daily work with ARFoundation, ARkit, ARcore and other solutions and are ready to execute most demanding AR use-cases. 

SPARK AR won our hearts. Yord has recently built a team to deliver high-end SPARK experiences for our clients and is on its way to become SPARK AR partner.

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Where we are

Yord s.r.o.

Thamova 7, Karlin, 18600 Prague

Czech Republic

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Billing information

Yord s.r.o.

Korunní 2569/108, Vinohrady, 10100 

Praha 10,  Česká Republika

IČO | CIN: 07787537 

DIČ | VAT: CZ07787537


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