AR & VR presentation 

We wanted to show that something as complex as a system of electromobility can be very easy to explain visually through AR/VR technologies.

TASK: ŠKODA decided to create a perfect Augmented and Virtual Reality presentation of electromobility for their clients and partners. Interactive AR models can show the true power of visualization and enrich customer experience.

The brief: Client was looking for a way to simply demonstrate a system of electric and hybrid vehicles.


Since this project was executed in a very specific environment with lots of lights and reflections, we could not use the standard process for scanning and had to experiment with multiple approaches and their combinations. We haven’t used any 3rd party licensed solution for the AR tracking and have therefore managed to bring the costs of the project significantly down.


Our client was eager to use AR technologies in the presentation process among their showrooms. Most tried AR solutions, have however failed due to the shiny showroom environment. We therefore proposed a solution that uniquely combined the hardware and software approach, offering precise and stable tracking functionality. From the initial PoC, client decided for further development with new features such as AR placer, Environment environment and many others. Application is currently being used and tested in selected showrooms and being the very first AR application that client managed implemented from the PoC stage.

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