Virtual Shopping

AR for Fashion & Beauty

Virtual Shopping solution. Girl is trying different lipsticks. Augmented Reality in Online Shopping.

Virtual shopping increase engagement and let users try remotely. Customers who cannot visit physical store constantly looking for ways to decrease the risk of not buying the right product. 

For example ladies can try make -up with out going to store. Gentlemen can try sunglasses to see if the shapes fit. 

We are able to deliver Augmented Reality filters for Instagram, Facebook, your website or app. 

Benefits of Virtual Shopping

  • Buying from the comfort of home​
  • Try before buy approach
  • Increase online purchase confidence & sales

AR for Home appliances & Furniture

Virtual shopping doesn’t have limitations of imagination and space. Augmented Reality solution for shopping allows your clients to explore and interact with your products in within the real environment.

Get your products closer to the shopper and boost sales in turbulent days by bringing products into customers’ homes.

Benefits of Virtual Shopping

  • Buying from the comfort of home
  • See products in customers space
  • Increase purchase confidence & sales

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