In-store customer experience

After purchasing Kinect Azure 2020, our main goal was to turn our ideas into reality and work on a big and meaningful project that would allow us to try new things and do more profound research.

Task: In this project our task was to create a game on Kinect that would support the “Fast Is Too Slow” campaign – a release of new football boots in Paris. For this project we installed a big screen with Kinect, inside the Unisport store. When you were standing in front of the screen, you found yourself in the game as a football player, who is about to give a penalty.

The brief: Our client wanted to support the campaign with an innovative and fun element and let customers interact with the product on a different level.


Our responsibility was to design and implement a real-time game from scratch, where your movement is projected into an in-game 3D model of an avatar as you try to score a goal. Aside from a tight deadline, there were many challenges such as : kinect tracking especially of occluded foot during ball kicking, calculation of speed and direction of kicked ball, goalie reaction to the ball and overall logic and kinect implementation.


We began with storyboards, where we defined primary use cases of the application. After that, we started with a prototype, where your movement is mapped into an in-game avatar in a completely virtual 3D world. When we finished the data collection and movement reconstruction from kinect , we continued with the calculation of ball direction and speed. Because of kinect, which doesn’t provide us precise information of occluded body parts (i.e. when you kick the ball with a big swing), we had to create our own predictions sometimes. The last big step was to implement goalie behaviour – how to catch the ball based on the predicted direction of the ball.

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