Adam - CEO

Fomer US startup veteran, experienced business developer and tech enthusiast focused on the vision and development of Yord.

David - CTO

Experienced in managing multiple major XR projects in the CEE region. David is technical brain of our team.

Hungy - Partner

Worked in the strategic and innovation consulting. With specialization on Automotive industry. Has rich experiences with project management.

Anton - Senior Unity 3D Developer

Unity tutor, expert and former lead developer in SMART CITY PRAGUE mixed reality {MR} project. Published several tutorials and learning manuals dedicated to Unity engine.

Aňa - 3D Graphic

Visual artist combining creative thinking with a technical knowledge.

Dan - 3D Graphic

Experienced 3D graphic, focused on product design, architecture in virtual reality.

Tomáš - Junior Unity 3D Developer

Tomáš joined us during his studies at Czech Technical University.

Jakub - Senior Unity 3D Developer

Former Beat Games Developer working specialized in AR - AI R&D

Natália - Marketing Manager

Experienced in Digital Marketing, Retail Marketing and Digital Transformation.

Míša - Financial Manager

Financial manager, keeping our office running smoothly.

Terka - Startup Manager

Terka is responsible for the projects and leads a SPARK AR initiative.

Gaby - Brand and Design Manager

Gaby is responsible for branding, design and digital marketing.

Tomáš - Senior Unity Developer

Tomáš is a Unity developer and UX designer with passion for building novel XR applications.

Filip - Junior Unity 3D Developer

Filip is helping us to develop Augmented Reality projects and new AR products.

Matthias - Business Developer Specialist

Enthusiastic about integrating and applying XR-Technologies in companies. Recognizes customer wishes and knows how to fulfill them.

Martin - Social Media Manager

Martin is responsible for social media. He loves to talk about cars and beer brewing.

Yan - 3D Graphic Designer

Architecture & Design Background specializes on visualizations.

Quang - Business Developer Specialist

Quang loves new technologies and innovations. He is responsible for seeking new partnerships.

Inna - Business Developer Specialist

Inna is responsible for building and maintaining successful relationships with clients.

Elena - Operations Manager

Responsible for company's day-to-day business and operations management.

You? - Business Developer Trainee

Are you in love with VR & AR world and new technologies? Are you interested in sales career? Just simply write us and worry not, we have 100% response rate.

You? - Unity 3D Developer

Are you in love with VR & AR world and new technologies? Are you interested in developing VR & AR projecst? Just simply write us and worry not, we have 100% response rate.

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